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About Us

2016 celebrates our 48th year in the parachute business. It all started back in 1968 with the first Thomas container the 'Slipstream' followed by the 'Jetstream'. The popular Chaser began its production in 1980. The hugely successful Tear Drop turned up in its 2 pin version in 1988. Onto the scene in 1991 was the innovative 1 Pin Tear Drop. Production also included the Zerox, which has had great success in both its sport and student versions. All this adding up to over 25,000 containers manufactured. We've now introduced the Panthera check out our sports rigs section for all the details.

Thomas Sports is owned and operated by Chris Thomas. Chris was first introduced to skydiving at the age of 9 by his father and began his skydiving career at the age of 16. He has represented Britain skydiving in competition at World Championship level. A qualified AFF Instructor, he has now done over 7500 jumps, a mixture of FS, head down, tandem, AFF and test jumps including the rigs he manufactures! Also a qualified Advanced Rigger and Packer ensures all bases are covered.

We're very proud of our 48 years and know that we couldn't do this without you, our customers. Your support of our products has allowed us to grow, to continue to produce and deliver the latest in rig design, built with quality, using the best possible materials available. We'll continue with constant development of equipment, high quality workmanship, reacting to skydivers needs, reliability and work hard to keep with speedy delivery. We want to keep on improving gear, improving business and we are as motivated as ever to do this.

Our 48 years in business gives us a wealth of extensive experience and knowledge to offer every skydiver. We are committed to provide our customers with the finest products backed by the highest quality and a first class customer service. Since the 1960's we've offered great equipment with great prices, we see no reason to stop now.