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Our factory offers not only a manufacturing facility but a fully equipped rigging workshop along with packing areas complete with qualified trained staff. Which means we can handle any job the skydiver throws at us! All our work is guaranteed and finished to the highest of standards as Civil Aviation Authority Approved.

You can either arrange to drop off your equipment with us or mail it direct where we will deliver it back to your door. Should you be stuck at any time with your gear out of action, we can offer you a fast turn around service to make sure you have your gear back on the road and jumping again. In some cases we will be happy to supply you with our demo equipment as loan whislt your equipment is in our workshop.

With this host of facilities and qualified staff we're also here to help you with any special requirements or advice you should need. If you don't ask you don't get.

So if you're looking for any of the following you've come to the right place

  • New Equipment

  • Reserve Repacks - squares, tandems or rounds

  • Cypres Service

  • Assembly and Packing of new equipment (please note when purchasing new equipment direct from Thomas Sports this service is free of charge)

  • Main Canopy re-line (supply of lines & fitting)

  • Canopy Repairs - from patches to complete new cells

  • Rig Harness Repair/Alteration

  • Rig Harness Re-build

  • Rig Velcro Replacement

  • Hard Housings

  • Rig ROL/BOC Conversions

  • Ripcord Manufacture

  • Main Bag/Reserve Bag - Manufacture/Repair

  • Main Pilot Chute - Manufacture/Repair

  • Risers - Manufacture/Repair