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  • The Next Tandem Canopies

The name Twin is there for a reason. As development started on the Tandem canopies, time was spent defining their performance envelope, based on the requirements of the passenger and the pilot. Especially the suspended weights, which will not change as the tandem pair has to transit from main to reserve, this made convincing evidence that the main and reserve needed to be identical. Twins!


Twin 402 The Twin 402, the largest of the 3 sizes is a true high lifter. Square in planform, using hybrid construction method utilizing Blue PN 4 ZeroP top skin. This "40 ton" sky truck has a MSW of 225 kg.



Twin 372 The most widely sold size of all Twin Tandem canopies, the 372 appeals through it's dependable openings and low toggle pressure. It is slightly tapered, agil for it's size and has a poweful flare to a stop. MSW : 215 kg.



Twin 340... our most agile Tandem Canopy The Twin 340 is ideal for lightweight Tandem Pilots, seeking a canopy which is agil, easy to handle with a light toggle pressure and a low overall system weight. With only 16.5 kg for the whole Rig, the Twin 340 is a dream in terms of comfort and overall performance. MSW 205 kg.






  • The Next Tandem Container


The Next Tandem Rig, Innovation and Quality
The development and manufacture of Tandem Rigs since 1993 has provided a vast experience in this field. The Next Tandem rig is compatible with a variety of other Tandem Reserves and Tandem Mains, next to the Twins.  Focus has been on : - compatability, to make it a open platform, - return on investment by making it durable and upgradable - low operating costs by making parts like the drogue exchangable by subparts.

The Next Tandem rig has become the first choice for many full time tandem operations and single owners alike for its comfort & reliability




Innovative Details on the Tandem Next

- Main Release, velcro free using our exclusive "cat's tounge" - Drogue, separable in it's subparts for inexpensive maintenance - Drogueriser pocket closure, velcro free with tabs.


Download Order Forms for the Next Tandem container, main and reserve on the order form page.

Apart from the 'Twin' we also offer the 'Icarus' Tandem canopy range, please contact us directly for details.