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Life is like a plane full of new students: sweaty and unpredictable! Well that’s not wholly true. Student canopy pilots make some very predictable mistakes, namely flare timing and improper body position on deployment. Not only is the Navigator incredibly forgiving of these errors, it’s incredibly durable, and offers unparalleled performance, providing a dependable platform for progressive student canopy training. And while we can’t guarantee antiperspirant results, it’s docile enough there’s no reason to sweat the canopy flight.

The Navigator…strong enough for a Jetman, but made for a student.

Technical Information
• Sizes 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300
• 9-cell canopy
• Combination Zero Porosity (ZP) and low porosity fabric
• Dacron lines (recommended for student use) or Microline (not recommended for student use)

• Easy to pack
• Forgiving of common student mistakes such as improper body position on deployment, and early/late flare

Great For
• Students and Novice jumpers
• Individuals looking for a docile and forgiving canopy
• Demonstration jumps when carrying extra weight
• JetCat P400 Fixed Wing Aircrafts (Jetman Dubai)
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 August, 2017.